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January 15, U.S. President Barack Obama in North Carolina, announced the establishment of a brand new government and the private sector to setup manufacturing innovation center, as element with the United states of america to revive the manufacturing sector. Obama mentioned the establishment of manufacturing innovation center, would be to learn from the German practical experience, to assistance the U.S. manufacturing sector, encourage enterprises to invest in the local community. North Carolina is located inside the southeastern Usa, with manufacturing and agriculture-based economy, the tourism market also occupies a vital position. The state is the U.S. textile sector powerhouse with alot more than 60 key enterprises within the textile and more than one hundred,000 workers. Manufacturing accounts for about 12% in the U.S. economy within the wake on the financial crisis and economic recession after the gradual recovery in the U.S. manufacturing sector. However the information show that final year the circumstance in U.S. manufacturing employment growth slowed significantly, enhanced by only 77,000 jobs. For U.S. manufacturing reflux trouble, a number of people will not be optimistic about the Usa, economists said Chad Mao Terre reflux is definitely the case, manufacturers must be around the industry within the supply chain also as the all round assessment on the expense of production, etc., and then decide International layout.
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